Thursday, 15 January 2015

Droid Mk7 - a colonial factory turned destroyer

Thursday, 15 January 2015
When the Droids overran the Imperium's artificial intelligence in 91001, it raided humanity's knowledge and chose those designs that best helped wiping out all life. The Droids turned a beloved colony factory robot known as a Big Eye into the mobile Droid Mk 7 factory.

Big Eye

A Big Eye could take in raw materials delivered by Hoppers and smaller robots and then produce just about anything from buildings to robots. Eighty colonial buildings could be built in a day, housing eight hundred people. Before the Droid war, every Fleet cruiser would carry between 8 and 10 Big Eyes to help colonies stricken by a natural disaster. The brightly painted Big Eyes were adored by the colonists that they served. They were named after local personalities and decorated with murals and bunting. Once a colony had built a more permanent manufacturing plant, the redundant Big Eye would become a proud restaurant or hotel.

Mk 7

The Droid Mk 7 is an unpainted Big Eye programmed solely for the construction of Droids, which it can spew at a fearsome rate. Rather than minerals, the Mk 7 feeds on the colony buildings it was originally designed to construct. If the supply of raw materials is slick enough, the Mk 7 can create a Mk 3 Droid in a minute. This is much slower than a Droid-captured colonial manufacturing plant but is often enough to turn the tide.

How it is used

The Mk 7 is usually deployed by a Droid cruiser if the resistance on planet is stiff and the Droids haven't taken over a manufacturing plant already. It is deployed into Orbit stocked with resources and then makes its own way to the surface in a few hours, building its own fighter defence (Droid Mk 4) on the way down. Mk 7s prefer to circle the edge of the city (an echo of their original programming) and will build a workforce of Mk 1s to feed its enormous gaping mouth.

The Mk 7 is part of the up-and-coming Fleet Setting. Check my progress on the Trello board.
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