Friday, 8 March 2013

Nothing quite like a campaign to get me fired up

Friday, 8 March 2013
So, I'm running a new Icar campaign. My last campaign (playing my free RPG The Wall) sadly fizzled over Christmas and a change in job made it hard for me to have any head space for working on a campaign setting.

Last Tuesday, while sitting chatting to roleplaying chums about Life (The Universe and Everything), I made the bold statement to just stop faffing about and run the still-fledgling Trooper Setting.

What I did then


What I did after that

I took stock of what I had. Got all the notes organised and started putting them into Trello. Organising timelines and events with Icar's sandbox principles is really easy in Trello.

Made a list of what I needed

What was needed for the first 2 sessions? I made a complete list. Everything! Getting my dice bag sorted out, a new bag to carry all this rubbish in, printing off character sheets, new equipment sheets and so on.

Hit problems

I need a new sector map for Typhon. I have an old-style one that I could use but I wanted a nicely printed one in A3. It needed to be able to fit against the Remmar map in version 4. But the process to create that was not repeatable. Rats. I need to recreate them all (which is easy now I have the computing power). Which means updating the version 4 document. That will take time, time that I don't have just now.

Do I really need all that?

The Typhon map is going to be important but I won't need it for the first session. I can get away with just a local planet map. I only need it when it goes a little more sandboxy. That can wait.


With the remaining assets, I finished off the nearly-done ones so that it was easier to see what was left. Bionics sheet done, TAFAC sheet - half done, Stone (dropship), have model - need stats, cheat sheets and pre-made Skill lists (Trooper characters don't get to choose skills).

Am I ready?

No. But do I need to be completely ready before next Tuesday? Probably not!

The best thing is

That running a campaign will give me a kick up the bum to stop playing Minecraft and do some creating. I work well with against aggressive deadline and manage to find time where previously there had been none.

What gets you fired up to create? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Yeah man, GO!

    Nothing gets progress flowing like an upcoming game!

  2. Thanks mate. I think there is a sizeable difference between having to create something for the sake of it and people relying on you to get it right. It's out gaming evening, it's got to be good!


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