Sunday, 13 January 2013

A quiet family day and a burst of output!

Sunday, 13 January 2013
I have been hammering our Icar today, thanks to me dear wife who has disappeared out with my son, Felix. Only with a quiet house and clear plan of what I wanted to achieve would anything get done. Nothing new has been released but by getting over some of these jobs-that-needed-to-be-done means that working on Icar in the evenings is more plain sailing. Here's what I've been up to...

Created the Google+ Page

It appears that there are many more roleplayers on Google+ than there are on Facebook, so I've been wanting to carve out a Google+ page for a long time! I will be posting new images up onto the Plus group as well as Facebook.

Moved Fleet Setting into InDesign

A big step for me is when I move loads of text into InDesign to see how big it is and what's left to do. It takes a fair amount of effort to do the layout - even though I'm only using the Core Rules backgrounds at the moment. Now that is done, I can focus on the things that remain. There are lots of resources to build and the GM section to write up.

Fleet Trooper TAFAC model finished

It's not perfect but perfection is the enemy of done, and I really need to move on. I don't like the hands, they're stock and make him look really surprised! They will have to do for now.

The TAFAC powered armour suit is designed as a lightweight way of getting troopers about and I think the model captures that. The Rapier is now fitted on the Grav Pack an although there are no other Trooper gizmos (yet), the model is done and rendered. Now I can get the Bionics sheets written up.

Fixed the download counter

I have not been able to track downloads of Icar for about 8 years. I moved over to using Google but failed to debug the tracking code. I've finally found out what I was doing (Javascript swallowed a syntax error) and can now track how many times each of the documents have been downloaded.

Added a description to the main web page

It really needed a bit of text to say what Icar was all about. Not only to satisfy the tastes of the web crawlers but also to help those who have never been to the site before.

What would you like to see next from the Icar stable? Is there anything that is crying out to be done?
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