Monday, 28 May 2012

Tactical Armoured Flying Attack Conveyance - TAFAC

Monday, 28 May 2012

Troopers are the foot soldiers of the Imperial Star Fleet. Popular culture like to think of a Fleet Trooper as an unthinking mechanical grunt and the media perpetuates this view. It hides the truth that Troopers are highly trained and better educated than the general public. While being an effective and tactical fighting force, they retain their humour, pride and humanity; the Fleet has long since recognised that removing a Trooper's humanity reduces their ability to innovate and think laterally to solve problems.
Each Trooper is equipped with TAFAC powered armour (see right). TAFAC is an artificially intelligent suit that protects the wearer as well as giving the wearer additional abilities such as flight, invisibility, shields, the ability to re-enter atmosphere and survive in space for up to 400 hours. 

I have been toying with this 3D model for months now and I'm still not completely happy with it. So this picture is a work in progress. The arms are too plain, the helmet isn't how I dreamt it should be and there is no plasma grav pack on the back. The hands I've used are from a stock human model and as such have this rather panicked open pose to them. It makes the Trooper look surprised. They will either get 'rigged' for modification or replaced.

The model is supposed to be thin and lightweight. Icar's style is not about needless bulk - make the armour stronger, not bigger. I think it's delightfully jarring that some might look at this and think that the armour isn't tough enough. The outline is skinny and so it should be - these warriors are svelte because bulk is cumbersome.

The other glaring omission is equipment. All Troopers are kitted out with a Rapier Cannon (I have an old pencil drawing I must locate) and a whole bunch of toys.

The Troopers are coming in the Fleet Setting book, which I hope to have an Alpha for this summer. It's the next campaign I want to play, so I must be ready for that.
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